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Share Savings

As a member and owner of the credit union, you are considered a shareholder. Therefore, your savings account is referred to as a Share Savings Account.

This account is similar to a passbook savings account at other financial institutions with one important exception: a C&CCU Share Savings Account pays a higher dividend. These higher interest rates are based on the average daily balance and are posted quarterly to encourage savings and help your finances to grow.

Secondary Savings Accounts

Catholic & Community Credit Union offers two accounts designed specifically for your special savings. With an “I Want” Savings Account, you can save up for a big splurge like a vacation, vehicle or even a new home. With our Christmas Club Account, you can save all year to make the holidays merry and bright. Withdrawals are limited to encourage savings, and both accounts earn generous returns. With a minimum balance of just $5, you can start saving today!

Youth Club Savings Accounts

Catholic & Community Credit Union offers two clubs designed to teach strong savings principles for a lifetime of healthy finances. Student accounts guide young people ages 14 through 17. All youth accounts pay quarterly dividends, so club members can learn about interest and earn more as they save!

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